My career – part 1

My career path so far…

1st grade – firefighter

2nd grade – police man

3rd grade – shoe maker

4th grade – baseball player

5th grade – male model (still thinking about that one)

6th grade – singer/ songwriter

7th grade – tennis player

8th grade – neurosurgeon

9th grade – motivational speaker

10th grade – Ryan Seacrest (if that’s even a title for a career)

11th grade – politician

12th grade – lawyer

1st year of college – business man, gameshow host, speech pathologist, lawyer, pediatric cardiologist, then back to lawyer

As you can see, decisiveness is not my strong suit. So here I am, as the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in college winds down, starting a blog. Maybe I should add world-famous blogger to that list. What made me start this, you ask? Well, looking back on my career ideas, I seem to notice a trend – that is, most of what I thought about doing involved some form of helping people. After sitting down with myself and seriously trying to figure out what the best route for me would be, the only solid thing I knew 100% was that I wanted to help people. So maybe that’s what I’m trying to do here – help people: people looking for inspiration, people looking for another take on life, people who were just asked the question, “what do you want to do for the next 50 years of your life?”

I’ll share some stories, thoughts, and ideas. Who knows…maybe we’ll both get something out of this whole blogging thing


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